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Mobile Development

Often business owners have ideas to help reach new clientele but don’t have the technological know-how to make it happen. Mobile apps are an established market to bring new customers to your business and increase revenue. Rise Technology Solutions can bring your idea to life using state-of-the art technology and human assets.

Our capable mobile app developers have years of experience working with Apple iOS, Google’s Android, and Windows phones. We own multiple versions of hardware and software to make your app a reality, on any platform. Our developers will work tirelessly to create an attractive and functional app that moves customers to your business and increases your profits.

Want to learn more? Here are some simple steps we follow to make the entire process easy for you:

  1. Getting Started. We start learning more about your specific idea, we explore its’ potential, and see it in the scope of your masterpiece. We know that you will receive a great service only if we both understand exactly what you want. Obtaining a full and complete understanding is crucial to the rest of the process; this may be the most important step and is often overlooked by other companies. Mobile App development requires cooperation between the client and the developer. The developer must be talented (speaking many computer languages) and possess creative problem solving skills. Having this in mind, we discuss possible pitfalls and ways to overcome them, so you receive the best product possible.
  2. Blueprint Stage. This is the when we create samples, in which you will be the judge and determine what best suits your project. In this stage, we will offer you mockups, screenshots, and displays so you can assess the functionality and design. We assure that you receive exactly the product you want by presenting as many examples as needed. Once you approve it, the execution stage begins.
  3. Completion & Testing. After all working mechanisms and features have been planned we will thoroughly test the performance of the project, in order to remove any bugs and bring it forth to its’ highest level of operation. The testing process is extremely important for Mobile App development and includes both Beta testing and final testing.
  4. Release. Release is the last stage, when your project is fully developed. Since the previous stages were extensive the mobile app you receive meets your needs and desires, and works without a kink. We will help you place it in the store for purchase.

Contact us today, so that we can start discussing the specific details of your project immediately. We are here to help you bring your business ideas into the real world with the most innovative techniques in the market!

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